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We need a software console allowing a hard user to see extension status and easily transfer calls. I know iSymphony still exists but lack of support and upgrades throws me off a little. We also tried FOP but tried to reach to them for tech support and actually getting a licence and they never replied, so that’s not an option.

What is your favourite software for a hard user answering and transferring calls in a medium to large business ?

FOP2 licensing was automated last time I purchased it.

The have zero support! We had issues we needed to fix when testing asternic, cdr and fop and they never replied. I gave up after a few months. Never again, waste of time.

The only way I’ve gotten support is to use the little chat widget on the bottom of their website - email support is next to nonexistent.

FWIW FOP2 is the best that I have been able to find. The lack of response is def a reoccurring theme, but there is decent documentation and it seems to work out of the box (FreePBX distro) each time we have tried.

Sangoma Connect & Clearly Anywhere Desktop both seem to have presence information. While it is not exactly what you are looking for, it might fit the need, likely a bigger support team.

I will defend Nicolas, he is a one man operation working out of a single office in downtown Buenos Aires. For $0 you get to explore 15 endpoints, your $40 dollars gets you unlimited usage. If the documentation is insufficient for you, perhaps question you own ‘comprehension abilities’ :slight_smile:

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No one here has a problem with the product, or the documentation. Of course, documentation cannot cover all possible issues we are offering fair warning that support is sometimes lacking. That being said, when I’ve been able to get a hold of Nicolas he’s been very helpful and knowledgable.

Apparently @PYoung does :slight_smile:

Did he fess up his $40 and RTFM ?

I agree, the product is really good, the best ATM, I believe. From the other perspective, I came to this forum to learn not only about FreePBX, but Asterisk as well. While I am no expert, I have learned alot (alot!) from all of you.

Not having this group doesn’t mean I couldn’t succeed, but having a good support community can be the difference in not giving up long enough to learn. The software you get for the cost is undisputedly a great value. I sometimes wish Sangoma could acquire FOP2/Nicolas to fill in the community gap.


Issues were with Asternic and not FOP but I was trying all of them at the same time. Yes, I know how to read a manual. A bug does not mean it’s bad software, we all have bugs. I’m not gonna buy a licence if you can’t even answer will I’m in a trial period. Whether that licence is 4$, 40$ or 400$ makes no difference. If it works out for you, great. Now the point of this post is not to bash FOP but look for an alternative.

What is your favourite software console for a hard user answering and transferring calls in a medium to large business other than FOP or iSymphony ?

Does the ‘free’ 15 endpoint usage work for you?

For anyone looking for a similar solution, I decided to go with Voice Operator Panel. It’s simple, works great in a softphone mode and the layout can easily be personalized to your taste.

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