Due to the current home office regulations, we are now looking for a soft client for the notebook. So that our people can also make phone calls using their notebook. Is there any recommended software for this? Preferably for free - we using FreePBX Asterisk Version 15.7.3
Thanks for tips

I have limited knowledge but without you specifying the number of users or a budget I would suggest trailing Zulu desktop, you can get a two person license for free (1Year) while you dial it in (Excuse the pun) then expand it with a license.

The term “notebook” is pretty generic, so a little specificity might help.

Zulu might be over-kill, where something free (or low cost) might work. Also, there are other parts that can make a difference, including your ability to VPN into the PBX network/server, availability requirements, and a bunch of other stuff that will make a huge difference.

Be warned, though, that there is a proponent and a nay-sayer for every possible application you can think of within this space. Asking this open a question seldom gets you more than a lot of noise and arguing amongst the religious elite.

UCP has a softphone built in. FOP2 has a chromium plugin.

Some may no longer be offered:

Built in UCP Phone:

I’m working in a company that developed a softphone integration, so my opinion here is biased. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a softphone solution for your team, you should try Ringotel Shell, as it provides great collaboration features, and generally speaking everything you’d ever need from a softphone. You’d have apps for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. It is not free, subscription-based, but definitely worth trying.

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