So why no full install iso for the FreePBX Distro?

Just wondering. The net install took around 2.5 hours on my 22/5 connection. It’s a bit of a bugger to have to wait that long every time I want to reinstall. Imaging and VM cloning have pretty much saved me this headache. But, I still am testing it out in multiple configurations and it would be nice to have a full iso to install from.

I’m sure there is a technical reason but would also like a downloadable ISO.

I’m in Australia and my Internet connection is not 100% reliable. I’ve been trying to download and install for three days with no success. System stays on downloading image message for days or install fails with corrupt files.

Anyone know how many hours to build from scratch?
I.e install Linux O/S, then Asterisk, then FreePBX component?
Is that the same thing as the distro or am I missing something?

I feel for you. That national broadband project can’t be done fast enough down there.

The FreePBX distro allows you to use all of the FreePBX paid modules. If you will not be using any and just want a good install of FreePBX, Google PBX in a Flash and get the newest version with Asterisk 1.8.

I had to do an emergency reinstall over the weekend for a failed hdd. The flaws of the net install iso really shined brightly. It took about 15 try’s until it finally connected, then it took nearly 4 hours to install. NOT A FUN EXPERIENCE AT ALL. I lost my entire Saturday because of this. My internet was golden, this was an issue with the servers that were serving me the files for the net install. I tried again early Sunday morning and it fully downloaded in less than 30 minutes.

SO why is not having a full iso a good idea again? I still have not heard any reasoning on this front. I agree a net installer is a great idea to always keep install files up to date, but not having a full iso is very unsettling.

It seems to work ok in the US, but past the boarders it’s far from predictable


The reason for a netinstall is because that is the core setup we had for our commercial PBX’s with all PXE installs. We just modified that build process a year ago for the FreePBX Distro.

I have been working on tweaking our whole build process based on feedback from everyone wanting a full ISO and the amount of B/W we have to maintain for the net install with 500 installs a day it is adding up.

I am about 95% done with a full ISO build server that will actually produce a Net Install and Full ISO using the same kickstart. It will also give you more options at install like to use the normal Centos GUI installer so you can customize your hard drive layout and such.

Be patient and it will come soon enough. I only get so much time to work on this as I do have a full time gig.

Tony, this is great! Your tireless work does not go unnoticed.