SNOM300 and SNOM710 Different Template in FreePBX EPM version

Hi there,
I have FreePBX version is installed on my server. I want to have two different custom template one for SNOM300 and one for SNOM710. But when I check in the “EPM Advance Settings” and “Product Option/Configuration Editor” I can see the base templates for snom300… and snom710…, here for snom300 I have some special settings and I want to have different settings for snom710. I can see here as one can customize the base template and save it to the database but I have no idea how to call/use these database saved template for the snom710 phones because my base templates settings for snom300 are being pushed in the files namely “general.xml” and “general_custom.xml” in the tftp folder and the snom$model.xml file has the settings like <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

and if I try to create a different file name for snom710 then its not pushing the settings in the files which I created for as “snom710_general.xml” and “snom710_general_custom.xml”.

Really I want to have two different files.
can someone help me with this thing.


Can someone guide on this topic please.

Really is it possible or not can someone update me here.