SMS (text messages) using UCP and SipStation


We are having trouble with SMS messages through the UCP. Often we have partial messages and loose the rest of the text. Debugging showed that the messages arrive correctly on our Freepbx system, just do not end up in the UCP.

Is there anybody else using this? Are you having problems?

I thought the UCP SMS SipStation was not public, but when I contacted the Sagoma support, they could not help me.

Is there and other sip-carrier hat has a good SMS/MMS client?


PS: We are still on Version 13.

Can you private message me and let me know who you spoke to in support. They have and quite often do help with sipstation sms issues. So I am confused why they couldn’t help you. Please also send me your ticket number.

I’m sorry that you are having issues and this wants you to jump ship. Unfortunately there are no other sms offerings that work in ucp.

I don’t understand what you mean. We help customers in support monthly with SMS setup and configuration with SIPStation.


I understand. I was far away from criticising anybody.

Unfortunately we are losing parts of incoming text messages with SipStation. They arrive on the system fully but only partly end up in the UCP.

As I failed to get this handled, I am trying to find out if others have the same problem or if there are alternatives. I do not want to leave, but my boss saw a client that works with Twilio.



Not negating what you are saying but this is the first time I’ve heard of this. There’s also no bug reports against it. I’ve not had a chance to look into your ticket yet but will open a bug report if I think there’s a bug here.

I did review the ticket this evening. SIPStation support informed you to work with FreePBX team as the SMS are arriving at your PBX in full as shown in your own logs but for some reason are not always making it into UCP or missing pieces based on what you are seeing but they could not replicate the issue.

I know we are all one company but for legal, tracking purposes and expertise of teams in different departments we draw lines where SS support has to have you work with the PBX side if it determined that the service side is working correct which is the case here. And some they have different requirements things you agree to when opening a ticket they can’t just transfer off your ticket. You have to create a new request in the FreePBX side and allow for remote access to your PBX for a support person.

I don’t see a ticket in support or bug ticket on this issue. Did you follow that advice they gave?


I did not get permission from our company to post the screenshots and text messages on a public board.

I understand that it works for you so that my ticket would not solve anything without prove.

It is not that it always causes trouble, only sometimes and I can not figure out when.

That is, why I posted here to see if others have that problem, too.

The chance is however, that they do not even know that thy loose parts of messages. Until we got suspicious and established logging the Incoming messages, we did not know.

Thanks for your help.


I understand not posting the messages. Never asked for that.

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I have more problems documented.

Is there a way to make screenshots available to the developers without publicly posting them?

I feel otherwise a ticket makes no sense.

I was under the impression that the SMS part of the UCP was not public anyway.

Please open a ticket then pm us and we can lock it down