SMS - SipStation + UCP - Can receive pictures but can't send them

We are testing the MMS functionality on our SipStation trunks but we are having a hard time sending pictures (Multimedia Message). No problem receiving MMS, just can’t send.

We can send and receive text just find.

I thought I would check the logs (asterisk -r / core set verbose 100) but all I get is “Remote UNIX connection” and “Remote UNIX connection disconnected”

All me tests were done from UCP’s SMS module so far.

Has anyone been able to send pictures using this setup?

Sangoma support just replied to a ticket I had opened about this; they said MMS isn’t supported on SipStation trunks.

Here is a FreePBX Wiki article as proof that its supposed to work:

Here is another forum post about a similar issue: SIPStation Send/Recieve Images not working

Edit: Pointed them towards the above links and it turns out it is supported. Will try to keep community updated on progress and fix.

@dragonparoxysm Hi there.

I’m the one who was assigned this ticket to look into so I will post here when it is resolved.

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Mr Nagy ignited an internal discussion around the comment - it was wrong and my fault for not reading the entire question posed in an internal chat session :frowning: it was one of those where its a supposition , then followed with a ‘no. right?’ - i replied ‘right’ thinking i was confirming its supported :frowning:

anyway we are looking into the issue …ty

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Support was able to fix my problem, it was something on their end.

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