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SIPStation Send/Recieve Images not working

(Jessy5765) #1

I have just implemented a new PBXact unit and setup SIPStation SMS. Which is working GREAT!!! Wonderful voice quality.

I noticed while testing that you could receive images and its looks like you can even send them. However they are not getting images/ intermittent receiving of them and they are not able to send anything. Are there guidelines that must be followed, like file size and type?

(Tony Lewis) #2

At this time SMS does not support images on SIPStation. Just plain texting.

(Jessy5765) #3

Okay so the upload button for files is just a beta feature?

(Andrew Nagy) #4

Please open a ticket up with sipstation support. MMS is not beta. It’s fully supported.

(Tony Lewis) #5

I stand corrected we do now support it. Even I learn new things daily.