Small Office - How to forward a call from an unavailable extension to a queue then get back do extension voicemail

Hi guys,

All is in the title, let me explain :
We got a small office with freepbx 12 uptodate and 7 digium phones
as we are a small company, we would like to serve our incoming phone customer as best as possible

So we set the following :
Inbound route goes to extension
If extension don"t answer after 10 sec,
the call will be forwarded to a queue with selected extension
with prefix to the caller name
if no response, go to the original extension voicemail

Pro :
Works fine right now

Cons :
Need to setup a queue for every new extensions
Complicated setup
Not very easy with follow me function

I’m looking for another way to do the same thing
do I overcomplicated the thing ?

My targets :
be able the get a ringing extension (works fine with pickupgroups)
don’t miss a phone call : if an extension is busy or don’t answer, rign a group/queue then voicemail (any esay way to do it ?)
be able to retreive not answered calls (eg : a customer call but don’t wait for the queue to answer, how to know this call didn’t find any one ? CDR is overflowded with records)

Any ideas ?

Thanks !

Try VQplus, this allows you to create virtual queues with different entry and exit points, that way you can have everyone logged into the same queue. We have a free 30 day trial to test it out.