SiriusXM for Music on Hold -How do I get from here to there?

Clients seem to love the FreePBX system compared to their old Avaya setup. The one complaint I always get is regarding the on hold music. So as far as I can tell SirusXM service for business allows use for On Hold Music.

But how would I connect Freepbx to this? Can I use the line in on the sound card? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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Good job on looking at how to do this LEGALLY! I really mean that! most people just skip that part!

See if this helps:


Thanks for link Andrew! I’ll give it a whirl as soon as I have some free time.

Yes…I’ve been around the forums long enough to see the “I want to play my favorite FM station for Music on Hold” questions LOL. No FCC fines for this kid :slight_smile:

Be careful that the station you choose is appropriate for your business.

A few months ago, multiple CO detectors went off at home. We quickly got everyone out, and far enough away in case of explosion. I called the gas company from my mobile. They put me on hold and the song playing was “Rocket Man”. Not a good way to make a first impression.


Point taken! As long as no one got hurt I have to LOL on that one :wink: it’s for an electric company so probably AC/DC “Thunder Struck” would not be appropriate!


So I am using SiriusXM for our hold music, here is how I did it.

Used a standard satellite receiver and plugged it into a Barix Instreamer

Then added it to the PBX as you would any other internet stream.

The one caveat to SiriusXM, each PBX needs it’s own subscription. We have two sites each with their own FreePBX install, so we would need to pay for two subscriptions.

And a side note, let someone else pick the station. This way you don’t get blamed when someone says the music sucks.


This sounds very promising. Thanks for the info!!

Success!! Thanks again for all the suggestions. I had been planning on getting a Raspberry Pi to play around with so I figured this was a good opportunity and went that route (Thanks for the link @tm1000!) . Plus it cost me under $50.00 total for everything I needed compared to $350.00+ for the Barix Instreamer that was mentioned. I wouldn’t mind writing up a Wiki if anyone thinks it’s warranted?


Even if it never gets used again, it’s worth it. That’s how we roll here.

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Will do!

… or very appropriate, depending on the situation. :rofl:


I would certainly be interested in that WIKI.

The link provided by Andrew is pretty spot on SiriusXM for Music on Hold -How do I get from here to there? . I can add a few things such as the Raspberry Pi I used (Pi 3 B+), links to where I purchased everything, Raspian OS install, Setting a static IP, and how I used alsamixer to adjust mic capture gain. Besides that it’s all there.

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