Sipgate PJSIP getting rejected after couple hours on multiple Sipgate basic account

Hi there.

I have multiple account with sipgate basic it’s working after couple hours then some reason I’m keep getting rejected using pjsip and using these sitting from this website Sipgate Basic PJSIP Trunk Configuration (FreePBX) - UK VoIP Forums.

Can anyone help me please.

Try this basic PJSIP Settings. only i think you need to change Registration : name. not only ( if you are living in the UK )
PJSIP trunk with Basic account configuration

Ok is that for sipgate basic or business one? I have use when I was using chan_sip before and it’s work perfectly but I have change to pjsip using the same setting that other people provide me seemly it’s work occasionally but I definitely will try your solution. So sipgate have change the setting if you telling me to do that.

I don’t know anything about SipGate Business. Sorry. But you have to try Basic PJ_SIP Trunk setting. (Just Disable exist SIP Trunk and add a new with PJSIP you don’t need to delete )
if not works i think you can connect with them, they have some ready wiki pages settings for Asterisk and FreePBX.