Sip Trunks: What should go in Incoming Settings versus Peer details?

I have things working as far as connecting to SIP VOIP providers, but there is a problem with FOP displaying the incorrect info, and I am not clear what really is supposed to go where in Trunks configuration.

It seems I can get away with putting everything in the Peer details box, including the from-context.
But it would seem to make more sense for the from-context to go in “Incoming Settings”.

When I go to the FreeFBX help web-page for trunks, it does not say anything about this.

When I read various recommendations,
it seems like people randomly get something working, but not a clear statement of what really should go where, from the people that designed the system or know what it is really doing.

Can anyone point me at a web-page that really explains this, so I can use it the way it is intended?

Does anyone have an idea of why FOP shows “Incoming call from [my CallerID]” when I am making an outgoing call via Sip Trunk?

Thank you

First off, what is not working in FOP (FOP is not “dynamic” so applying the FreePBX changes won’t shop in FOP until you restart Asterisk.
The setting that go in peer & incoming depend on a couple of things, mostly on whether type=friend or type=peer.
With type=friend a user and a peer are created in Asterisk and all the setting can go in the Peer box and the incoming and outgoing trunk have a single name so cannot be monitored individually or show as seperate entities in FOP.
Whether using friend or peer in many cases a registration entry is still required.