SIP Multiple invite/resend issues

Hi All,

We have a SIP provider for a client, and for whatever reason, we get several invites and resends. Not sure how it is happening, but I can send you some tcpdumps but I cannot upload.

There are also several retransmit errors you can view here:

[2015-03-12 11:45:59] WARNING[23931]: chan_sip.c:4020 retrans_pkt: Retransmission timeout reached on transmission fa4260d9688c2aba33cf1462e44534b1 for seqno 1 (Critical Response) – See https: // i/display/AST/SIP+R etransmissions

I have look at the SIP debug and I see many things but not sure what exactly to look for, the carrier says we keep resending an invite? How can I make this stop?