SIP breaking in asterisk13-core-13.26.0

Anyone else having trouble with SIP (both pjsip and chan_sip) after the latest update to asterisk (asterisk13-core-13.26.0) that was released last week?

We started experiencing extremely weird behavior in SIP on all our systems that were updated and are running that version.

We are unable to reliably replicate the issue to figure out what the root cause is but it manifests itself in a complete breakdown of SIP. No incoming or outgoing calls can be processed, no extension to extension calls seem to work properly nor am I even able to do a simple “core restart now” to restart asterisk. The only thing that seems to fix our problem is a complete reboot of the system until it breaks again.

We had a system that failed every 10 to 15 minutes and then we had one that failed every few hours. Call volume seems to matter as systems that receive fewer calls seem to last longer.

I just now discovered that the systems that we were troubleshooting had all been running the same, latest version of asterisk that were installed Friday morning.

I just now rolled back those updates to see if that will make a difference in functionality.

I’m having this issue at several sites. So yes.

use asterisk-version-switch and update to 16.x the new LTS

That’s what I’ve been told by somebody in support finally. I’ve done this on two of the systems that have been having trouble about an hour ago and so far they haven’t experienced the problem again.

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Just reporting back that the issue hasn’t reoccurred since switching to Asterisk 16. That seems to be the solution for this issue.

Running FreePBX14 what is the preferred or best Asterisk Version to utilize? 13 or 16?

Sangoma is recommending customers switch to 16 at this point. As you can see from this thread the latest version of 13 seems to have a pretty bad bug in it.

That’s fair. My only thought is that the FreePBX V14 Distro loads V13 as the default asterisk version. Maybe in the latest distro version this has changed.

I have just updated our FreePBX to 13.26.0-1.sng7 and am seeing repeated hangs with SIP connections blocking softphone connections - the softphone registers and then though asterisk appears to still think it is connected though the softphone can no longer connect - only way out of it is restart asterisk (fwconsole restart - or whole machine) - sometimes i have had to “killall -9 asterisk” - just getting to grips with this now and seeing if anyone else has seen this issue.

It does say recommended, but you have the option at install to choose what you want.


Not anymore as the bad version has been removed from the repos now.

That said, I still recommend 16. The only issue I have with 16 is the third party FOP2 has a couple references to what previously was a depreciated function that has finally been removed.

This also happened to me, but not to the degree of crashing every 15 minutes. I was running FPBX 14, under Asterisk 13.26 and after a few seizures [1] over the course of a couple days, we decided to move to Asterisk 15.7.2 which stabilized us for a few days. But then the seizures started again. I saw this post here, and attempted to move to Asterisk 16, but yum had errors “Package does not match intended download”

I am currently back on Asterisk 13.21 hopefully stabilize. Thank you for the instructions on how to yum downgrade.

[1] I say “seizure” because the box did not lockup - the CentOS linux was completely functional, and “amportal restart” would restore our environment until the next error condition.



There isn’t an issue any longer. I posted about this yesterday and even pinned it but everyone apparently skips over it

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