Shared Lines on Poly VVX 400

Hello, I have a system of polycom VVX series phones (201x4 ,300x3 ,400x8 ,500x6) and some of them are in the same room. I want these phones to have a shared line appearance instead of using a ring group. I have seen multiple videos of this being done on youtube with RingCentral and some company called voipstream.

Right now what im trying is registering 2 phones (VVX 400) to a pjsip extension 5007, where max contacts is set to 2. I also the phones themselves set to shared line instead of private. They can call other phones that use chansip, but with no audio, and when either phone hangs up, the other one stays on the line. When you try to call 5007, you get a busy tone. I’m not super familiar with asterisk by itself, and im not sure what info is needed to fix this problem.

Please let me know what configuration you need to see and ill provide it. Thanks in advance!

You can use PJSIP to have an extension on multiple endpoints, but this will not be a true shared line appearance. Once the call is answered at endpoint 1, endpoints 2 or 3 will not have visibility into it. endpoint 1 would have to park the call and then endpoint 2 or 3 could pickup from that parking lot. This is a very requested feature, but not something native to FreePBX.

Asterisk supports share line appearances if you go that way: Shared Line Appearances (

@PitzKey has an awesome writeup on his blog about “stealing” calls, in my opinion this could be the foundation to making something that behaves like a normal shared line appearance. But this will require work. PitzKey Is A Theif! - FreePBX / Tips and Tricks - FreePBX Community Forums

If you do make progress in this space, post a writeup. There are so many who desire a SLA, I am sure it would read well.

I have read this document you listed about SLA on asterisk. Unfortunately, when I tried to implement it earlier, it did not work. I will definitely try it again, and I’ve actaully been considering starting a youtube channel as a sort of instructional thing for lesser-known features on polycom phones. Would this be a good place to post the “writeup”, or is there an additional space you think it also belongs?

Thank you for your reply!

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This is a great place to share all things FreePBX. YouTube is awesome too.

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