PitzKey Is A Theif!

:rofl: had you going for a moment…

@PitzKey has a pretty interesting post here (great post I think):

Can I grab an active call from another user? (pitzkey.blogspot.com)

How could you think of modifying this to make faux shared appearances/bridge lines? Thinking call goes to 1111-1 (back office) and I physically move to 1111-2 (front office). If there was a single button to press on 1111-2 that also had a blf to show there was a call to steal and vice-versa for 1111-1, that would be pretty cool. Also different extensions sharing a bridge line. That would be pretty cool. How would you handle it?

Disclaimer: It is well understood this is not exactly like for like, but it is interesting and something that is often asked for. Parking is NOT the same and people dont just accept that. :slight_smile:

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You did indeed. :sweat_smile:

I always say that SLA (Shared Line Appearance) is dead in VoIP. But, it is possible to get a “new replacement”

A colleague actually expanded this and created some feature codes to have this disabled by default and allows the loosing party to enable this feature using a custom dynamic feature mid-call.

But as you said, you can likely create some local channels that are monitored via BLF which gives you a SLA like experience.

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@PitzKey do you have any additional content in that space you can share? Either way I will give it a whirl and if I make progress Ill post back.

Have you not played with the SLA features in Asterisk? May take some legwork as the docs are not updated for PJSIP but the concepts are the same.

I have not, I have seen bits and pieces, but mostly SIP, as you say. It is something that frequently comes up, with park as the less than satisfied solution. I’m always hunting for a FreePBX friendly SLA approach.

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