Several local phones stopped connecting

We have a local v2 FreePBX server that has been running for a year or so with Polycom 335 phones. Today a handful of phones can call out but can’t hear any audio, but most of the phones are still working.

If you call another local extension from one of the non-working phones, they can hear you, but you can’t hear them.

If you call one of the non-working extensions from a working local extension, you get a busy signal.

The phones that aren’t working show up as offline in the End Point Configuration Manager.

I’ve rebooted FreePBX server, the Hyper-V host, all the network switches, created and assigned new extensions to the non-working phones, factory reset the phones. No change

Does that make any sense? Anything else to try? It’s like the phones are only half-registering…

Holy moly, just found the issue, for some reason the netmask on the PBX server was set to a /25 network but the LAN is /24. So if any phone got a DHCP address >127, the phone server couldn’t talk back to it. Strange

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