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Goodmorning everyone. I want to try to create something special. At the time audio conferencing use, however I would like to do a video conference. I would make sure that it is transmitted as video conferencing and who can follows it, but those who can not follow the video participates only in audio. What changes should be made to the PBX? In addition to enabling audio codec of chan-sip, even the extension should be modified? The trunk should be iax2 or sip fine too?

Their is no support for video conferencing in Asterisk or FreePBX

Does Digium have any plans you know of to change that?

It works; we use it on a PBX. It’s just the regular audio bridge but the talker is shown on the video screen and it switches whenever the active talker changes. So you get simple video conferencing, but not MCU.

Then you can do?

It can be done. Just get the video working between your videophones first, and then set up a conference bridge. I’m pretty sure the defaults for an app_confbridge room will pass video. Audio-only callers (including callers coming in over PSTN and non-video SIP trunks) will work fine too. Your internal video users will be able to see each other when they are talking.

This thing is amazing! Is there some specific settings to put in enough pbx or simple extensions associated with a type xlite program? I know that Zoiper video requires payment

Linphone and Jitsi are free and can do video.

But are continuously crashing and not working very well, at least that’s my experience.

I tried both linphone that Jitsi, but none of the 2 supports iax. It seems that both have Zoiper iax that the video (I thought it was a fee). Unfortunately not a party, there must be some setting in the PBX that I did not set well. Suggestions?

Use SIP.

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Sorry if I open again the discussion but there are a few setups that I can’t. The Interior must be configured in a way exactly? In sip setup thing goes configured?