Setting up music on hold

I have read several threads about setting music on hold but can’t figure it out.

Under Settings==>Music On Hold there is a default category. There are five files listed under that. How do I select one of those files to play when the caller is put on hold.

For example, I dial an extension and answer it on a Grandstream softphone. I then click on the hold button on the called phone expecting to hear music. I then tried clicking on the hold button for the calling softphone and I do hear music on the called softphone.

I also wanted to add a Streaming Category as described in this video There is no option to add a Streaming Category in my installation but I do see that the mpg123 application is installed in /usr/bin. What else do I have to do to configure Settings===>Music on Hold to use that/

That’s because you’re watching a video with an older version being used. The option for Music on Hold is Files or Custom Application. The latter is the option for streaming music.

The other thing that this video doesn’t cover is the fact you just can’t go grab a stream from a radio station or any place else like that. Why? The same reason the author of the video didn’t want to leave the music playing in the video or make it audible for the listeners. Copyright violations.

You are 100% responsible for securing the proper rights to use the music for your Music on Hold. You just can’t stream from places and those places (like radio stations) do not have the authority to just grant you permission.

I worked out how to do it later after I ran across another example.

Thanks. I

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