Setting up 2 freepbx with outbound route out of second box

So I successfully setup 2 freepbx boxes to talk with one another through an IAX trunk. Created an extension on box 2 and called it from box 1.

Is there a way to dial out of a Dahdi configured FXO port from box 1 to box 2?

I have an old intercom system that wants an FXO card on it. I’d like to setup an extension or dial plan or something so that when I’m on box 1 and I dial 999, it dials goes to the FXO port, dials #00 and then we talk. The #00 is what the rauland intercom is looking for. Hope this all makes sense and if anyone has any ideas or some documents you can point me to, I’d appreciate it.

You can use the following link as a starting point.

That was actually the guide I used. I can call extensions on the second box, just need an idea on how to go out the FXO port on box2, from box1.

You just need to create an appropriate route on box 1 using the trunk to box 2 for the numbers you want to go out the FXO. Make sure that the route on box 1 presents the number exactly as expected by the route on box 2 that sends the numbers out to the FXO port.

I get the basic idea, I’m looking for some examples or guides. I can call from box 1 to an extension on box 2, but don’t know how to route things to go from box 1 to the fxo port on box 2

There is nothing “special” to be done. Just create an outbound route on box 1 using the trunk to box 2, just as you would create any other outbound route. Make sure the trunk’s context is from-internal and the route has the intra-company attribute set.
The route should present the desired number as expected by the outbound route on box 2 for the fxo port. Once the call from box 1 arrives at box 2, box 2 will then send it out of the fxo port.

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