Setting needed for connecting cisco 514g phones or mitel 5312

I have setup a test environment freepbx server and have some cisco SPA514G phones and Mitel 5312 phones. At the moment Ive given up on the mitel phones as they don’t appear to have full functionality sip firmware available, however the cisco ones should work. I have firmware version 7.6.2b and have followed several sets of instructions online but without success. the phone just sits saying
Registration State: Failed - Not Reachable

Without logs and a lot more configuration information, the best you’re likely to get from us is “the PBX isn’t reachable” since that’s the only error we have to go on. Post more, get more.

I’m happy to provide logs and screenshots of the phone settings if someone can tell me how to get the logs?

auth id 204
use auth id=yes
Outbound Proxy=your pbx
Use outbound proxy =Yes

Try these settings

Thanks I’ve just tried that but still not working?

There are several layers of possible problems, and the screen shot you provided is full of information, but none of it is really useful yet.

Step 1. PBX Specifics. IP Address in the same subnet as the phones? Integrated Firewall Enabled? Local Addresses identified?

Step 2. Extension specifics. Chan-SIP or PJ-SIP? SIP ports verified? Extension number and SIP password set? Different than UCP Username and password?

Step 3. Logs. Have you looked in /var/log/asterisk/full to see what error you are seeing at the PBX? Are you seeing connection attempts in the logs?

Step 4. Wireshark. Use tcpdump, sngrep, or wireshark to watch the traffic? Is the traffic getting to the server? Is it getting to Asterisk? Are the ports and addresses correct?

Step 5. Phone. Verify your SIP settings in the phone are correct (not just the extension settings, all 12 tabs). When was the last time you Factory Reset the phone? Are you using DHCP to set up the phone? Have you checked /var/log/messages to see what files the phone is downloading?

Step 6. EPM. Have you set up the phone config is the EPM Module? Which one are you using?

That’s about 1/10th of what we need to know to get you working without a lot of “20 questions”.
Starting to see why we need more information?

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