Set voice mail account to "unactivated" after it's been activated

Is it possible to set voice mail account to unactivated after it has been activated?
Reason is I want the comedian mail setup guide to play again when the user accesses the vm account.

So do you mean the menu provided when a user presses 0 while in comedian mail possibly??

No. When a voice mail account is default unactivated, the first time a user logs in, he will be guided through a vm setup menu to record greetings, change password, etc.


I wonder if this is still true

(ie setting the password to the voicemail number triggered this behavior back then. Is this still true, I don’t know and it’s time for me to logoff for the day and go to sleep… :sleeping:)

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edit: The description of Force Name under Voicemail Admin, then Settings > General of the voice mail box is “Force a new user to record their name. A new user is determined by the password being the same as the mailbox number. Default is ‘Yes’ [forcename]” so this is apparently still true…

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That’s still true.

You are welcome…

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