Set up Shared Mailboxes

Hi everybody,

I have the following problem:

I need to find a way for shared mailboxes, to achieve this situation:

When a customer calls he is put into the queue and hears our MOH - that works with the MOH module. The MOH module has a static ring group (that was necessary because there MOH in the ring group module doesn’t work with FPBX

But after some time when nobody picks up I’d like to put the caller into a voice mailbox with a nice greeting and everybody should be able to receive this message.

I installed VMBlast module, but I can’t set up a greeting for it. Does anybody have an idea?

That’s a goof idea BrettB, but how can I access another mailbox? Do you also know how to increase the time limit before the voicemailbox activates?

You could have the queue fall to an announcement then have the announcement call voicemail blasting.


I’m not sure that voicemail blasting is really what coldib wants. His title says “shared mailbox”, but voicemail blasting is used to send multiple copies of the same message to multiple people. (i.e. each recipient will be notified and have to listen to the message)

I think that he’s more interested in something like we’re using where there is one “general mailbox”. And then I’ve got it setup so that there users have a blf key on the phone’s that show the status of the general mailbox. (Green=no messages, solid red=saved message(s), blinking red=new message(s)) They can then press that button to log into that voicemail box to process the message(s) by deleting, forwarding to a specific user’s mailbox, etc.

You’ll find the answer here:

It starts out with a very complicated way. The easiest way is referenced by ravenber (tadpole) in the comments:

“A much easier way is to change the mailbox account in the individual extension setup in freepbx. Ie, if the mailbox you want account 3295 to point to is 2008, simply change the mailbox to [email protected] instead of its own. Then, use followme to make the failover for the extension goto the general box. In this manner, the MWI works for all the phones (ie, they all flash on when there’s a message in the shared mailbox), and you can dial *97 to goto the same mailbox.”

You can also make the voicemail button go to *98xx (where xx is the extension # of the mailbox).

Just found the option under

Extensions -> [Extension] -> Device Options -> mailbox

But for any reason it still doesn’t work, one one extension i get the message “You have no messages”

By the way: Is there any difference between [email protected] and [email protected]?

Thanks AdHominem, I have already found that suggestion but I am unable to locate the option where I can change the Voicemail inside the FreePBX Administration Panel!

Anybody an idea?

This may work for you -

In my case, I want all of my extensions to use only ONE single mailbox, and when I receive a VM, I want to each of them to indicate that there’s a message in that box.

I have each ext in Asterisk set like this:

under “device options\mailbox” [email protected] - where xxx is that one mailbox\extension, in my case “225”, so it reads [email protected]

This gives me MWI notification on each extension once the caller leaves a message. Each ext also has “*98225” setup as the Voice mail number. There are many ways to do this depending on the phone you’re using.

When I access the mailbox and listen to or delete the message, the MWI on each extensions is immediately extinguished. I have 15 extensions all on one mailbox, some local and some remote. I also have e-mail delivered to me on new messages, but it could just as easily notify an e-mail group with all of your members in that group.