Set time condition to permanently matched through dial plan or XML

I would like my switchboard operator to be able to press a button and set a time condition to permanently matched.
According to the wiki this is only possible through an application like an XML-based phone option.

Can anybody point me to some documentation that would explain how an XML file have to look like or alternatively how can I set time condition to permanently matched via dialplan?

It sounds like you want a Call Flow Control, not a time condition at all.


Me too.

@avayax you should create a Call Flow control with one destination set to the Time Condition and hte other to whatever the off hours is for the time condition. It might seem like more work, but it is a basic call flow design…

Inbound Route -> Call Flow Control (AKA Holiday Override) -> Time Condition (AKA Business Hours M-F 8-5).

That is what I ended up doing.

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