Set time condition for all inbound routes

Is there a way to set a time condition for all inbound routes?

Each extension has a it’s own DID and it seems like a lot of work to create a time condition for each DID route.

Okay, looks interesting but not sure how I would incorporate this into my scenario.

Usually for each DID route, I’d have to set the destination to a separate time condition so that the destination of each time group goes to the relevant extension.

I’m assuming there’s no way to set a time condition before a call hits the inbound routes I’ve already set up?

Not without custom code that has already been posted. Seems to me that both @lgaetz and @comtech have posted code that “tunnels through” something like this in the past. Basically, you write a custom context that is the destination of your “first step” and this second step uses a differentiator (like the called DID) to redirect the call back to the destination appropriate for that call. Note that, since it is custom code, there is no limit to the options or complexity of this “burster” code.

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