Set CID to callers EXT

Basically I work remote so calls forward to my cell. Issue is sometimes I am on another call and I see the office ringing in again so at times I think it’s my boss and flip over only to have answered an annoying sales call. I found the guide but it only has a few variables. I don’t want to change this across the board that’s why I am focusing on the Set CID route is that’s even correct.


FreePBX will by default send the caller’s caller ID, unless it it is being overridden somewhere.

Please share a call trace via pastebin Providing Great Debug - Support Services - Documentation

Correct. I am overriding it via Set CID to only calls going to me. As of right now it just says the company name but I was hoping it could capture the outgoing DID number when calls route to me so I know if it’s my boss, CFO, IT dept or just a sales call routing from the receptionist.

DID numbers, are , by definition, Incoming! I think you will have to be more precise about what you mean, which may be provider specific.

Is the CID you are providing the same as one of the DIDs you rent from the same provider, as providers are getting strict about that, in many cases.

Our everyday caller ID works just fine. And maybe this isn’t even possible but I found the setting where it looks like I can override caller IDs that are routed to specific numbers. I think the problem is I really don’t know what variables to put in there based off the examples I found in the knowledge base there was only a select few like stripping out the one or adding digits. This very well could be a provider thing but I just thought if Bob called me from his desk as a call forward over to my mobile via my extension I would want the number to show up incoming to my cell phone as not our main office number but the actual DID number it originated from.

As of now all calls originating from our office route out the office phone number no matter who calls.

office number 123456
If route is to Bob
Display caller ID of office DID 123999

And forgive me I’m not a phone guy I just manage the network and have been this phone guy task by process of elimination lol

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