Set Caller ID WITHOUT Changing Destination

Is there a way to set the Caller ID for an incoming number WITHOUT changing the destination? I have a client with over 1,000 cell phones in the field. They want the incoming displays to show the name of the employee to whom the cell phone is assigned. They DO NOT want to alter where the incoming call is directed to. That logic should be based off of the incoming route. The current “Set Caller ID” page forces a destination to be set which does not seem logical. Instead of simply setting the Caller ID, it is manipulating the routing of the incoming call.

What am I missing here?

Caller ID superfecta can do this if you have the phone numbers and names in a database somewhere it can pull from.

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, that seems like such overkill for an incredibly simple task… “if this number, use this string.” =(

Not sure how that is overkill. You could also use CIDLookup

Sorry, misunderstood the original response.

I have tried using the “Caller ID Superfecta” module. It’s currently setup to use the Asterisk Phonebook, OpenCNAM, and Telco Data. The Phonebook is populated and using the “debug” widget, for the Default scheme, DOES yield the correct results. However, IF the number is not found in OpenCNAM then the text found in the Phonebook is NOT displayed; only the number is.

In short, the Phonebook’s value is never displayed even though it IS found during a debug.