Service Unavailable Polycom VVX410

I am trying to add a new phone to Freepbx 13. It is a polycom VVX410. It looks to me like it is added and has an extension however the phone keeps saying “Service Unavailable” and is not getting a dialtone.

So, one thing that’s probably new to you - the phone generates its own dialtone if it’s connected. This allows the phone to be used as a “SIP Destination” for point to point calls, so that’s isn’t really a hint.

On the other hand, we need a lot more information about how you are adding the phone, where you are adding the phone, and how your network and server are configured. Each of these topics will inform us of which ot the nearly limitless sets of possibilities we need to start working our way down through.

Let us know some of particulars (IP addresses can be ambiguated if you are concerned, for example) so that we can point you in the right direction. As it stands, the problem would be anything from a bad network cable to your server being overrun by weasels…

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