Server stopped working today

2 independent servers stopped working suddenly this afternoon. No calls were able to be made in or out and between the extensions. The webgui and the terminal was running okay. I was able to access the server. They came back working again after a reboot. I’m so amazed both server stopped working at the same time. I can’t find issue with the hardware. The fact both server independent of each other stopped working at the same time is very curious. Would there be some software were pushed into servers by Sangoma?

Is the Asterisk version one of the buggy ones, like 13.26.0 ?

Both servers are running Asterisk version 13.26.0

Asterisk 13.26.0-1 hasn’t been in the repos for over a month now.

yum downgrade asterisk going to take the server back to version 13.21.1-1?

just run:


and choose either 13 or 16.

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followed all the steps and picked 13 after the downgrade. The server is now running version 13.22.0. So far so good, thanks for the help.

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