Server drops off network, have to restart network service to bring it back

Occasionally, over the last month, freepbx has become unresponsive. All extensions go offline, and there is no network response from the server at all. The console still works, however. I’ve discovered that restarting the network service brings everything back. Occasionally when this happens, all network interfaces show no IP address, sometimes they show correct IP info.

As near as I can tell, this happens at 12:15 PM almost every time it happens. Sometimes it happens sometime overnight. I’m unable to find any errors in asterisk or linux logs. It just drops off the network for some reason.

FreePBX 13.0.163 virtualized on Hyper-V, Windows server 2012.

What is the brand of server hosting the VM - Many current Dell servers use Broadcom NetXtreme I adapters onboard and the driver that Microsoft loads is WAY out of date - and causes problems for VM’s - Update the drivers on the HOST and the problem should go away (assuming that is really the cause).

Post what the HOST machine is.

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HP DL360 G8, it’s a broadcom card but this was a fresh rebuild on the host about 4 months ago and was supposed to be current driver at that time. I will update to current anyway and cross fingers.

I bet that is the problem - All of our VM Host machines are Hyper-V on Dell’s and the Broadcom drivers loaded by Microsoft are WAY out of date - if the person loading the machine specifically didn’t update them (manually) then they are the wrong drivers.

Also, almost all of the Dells have updated FIRMWARE for the Broadcom chipsets onboard - I don’t use HP but you should check for updated firmware also.

We have about a dozen Hyper-V machines hosting FreePBX and are adding more each day - as long as the drivers are current, it has worked flawlessly.

Can you tell me how current is current? This driver is dated september 2015

For NetXtreme 1, October 2015 - What does Device Manager identify the device as?

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woops, this says 7/3/2015. Just says Broadcome NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet.

Thanks for the link, I will try out a newer one if I can find it. It’s possible that I’ll just move this vm to the other card too, there is an onboard 4 port nic and another add-in 4 port nic.

Sounds good - also, check on the firmware.

I installed version 17.4, dated 2/2016. I will monitor for now, and see how this works.

I appreciate your help so quickly. Thanks so much.

For future reference “It doesn’t seem like it could be the broadcom NIC… Buuuut it’s the Broadcom NIC…” lol :smiley: