Separating groups of extensions

I am new to FreePBX but have some basic asterisk knowledge. I am trying to help someone that has an existing FreePBX installation that has been up for a while and was created and managed by someone that is no longer accessible. Basic management is fairly simple but they need to install some Viking intercom speakers in classrooms that cannot be dialed by all phones, only from a select few. They are going to purchase the Class of Service module to manage intercom groups and permissions but as I understand it any extension would still be able to directly dial any of the viking intercom speaker extensions directly and that cannot be modified using the Class of Service module. I was going to modify the extensions_additional.conf file and create a custom context to simply block extension ranges (existing ranges are 2XX 3XX and 4XX and the new intercom speakers will be 5XX) but it appears that cannot be done with FreePBX. I was looking at the Custom Context module which appears to be able to add the contexts to the extensions_additional.conf file but I cannot figure out how to properly configure it via the GUI. Can anyone give me any pointers here or possibly help with an easier way to get this done?

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