Send voicemail to multiple email addresses

I am using device and user mode and when setting up a user, I would like to send an email with the voice-mail as an attachment.

This works great when sending to 1 email address, but I have a requirement of sending a copy to two email addresses. I could have our email admin set up a group account, but this is for a temporary situation.

Can I specify more than one email address in the field in the user voice-mail configuration?

Probably for an ad-hoc solution, it is simple to use “aliases” like this:-

Sounds like a great idea for also multiple admins on freepbx.


FreePBX 2.11 and the FreePBX Distro allows for more then 1 email to be defined. We patched asterisk to handle this.

Please see new wiki I just created since the average person is probably not aware of this patch we do.

Also for clarifications sake this is a feature patch to Asterisk and as such was not included in the Asterisk 11 source (exception FreePBX distro), it will be included in the Asterisk 12 source by default.