Asterisk 12 send voicemail to multiple email addresses


Hi Andrew, can you confirm if this was included in version 12 by default? I can’t seem to make it work…I have tried two emails separated by a comma in the UCP interface (that doesn’t work), and also tried using an alias like [email protected] in the UCP interface and that doesn’t work either. However, interestingly enough the aliases work when I use sendmail from the Terminal command line.


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Just tested it on my Asterisk 12 FreePBX Distro machine and it works perfectly - multiple E-Mail addresses on the line, separated by a comma.

I have had customer’s asking me for this for YEARS!

This is a freepbx distro feature only at this point. Though I believe it may be in asterisk 13

I am using Asterisk 13 so I couldn’t say - except THANKS! We have had customers asking for this forever.