Send call from Queue to Failover Destination if no Member

as told in the topic: can i configure a queue so, that if no one is inside it, or everybody is busy, it goes to the failover destination immediatly. i tried some options, but it seems as there is no way to configure that.
somebody has an idea how todo this?

If you don’t want callers to stay in a queue when all agents are busy, then you don’t want a queue. Use a ring group.

From ‘Capacity Options’ of your queue, just set “Join Empty” to ‘No’

I have also set under “Timing & Agent Options” - “Retry” to ‘No’


i need to be able to let extensions join and leave, so a ring group is not the right thing!

i got it working using auto pause enabled, but the problem was, that the pause-state is not deleted for this member.

caboose014, thanks a lot for your suggestion, that solved it! great! :slight_smile: