Select extension based on main number

Hello all,

What would be the right trunk / inbound routes configuration to allow called passthrough to selected extensions. I have one main number, on which are associated 3 DDIs.

I cannot find the right config to allow to call the alternative DDIs and be routed to the selected extension.

Example: Main IP number 01020304, DDI 01020305. If the caller dials the latest, it should be directed to extension 113.

Where should I configure that ?

Thanks in advance.

You create an Inbound Route for each DDI, with DID Number set to the called number and Set Destination specifying Extensions and the extension number it should be routed to.

However, there are two reasons this won’t work, both with easy fixes:

Let’s say you’re in Paris with main number 0143020304. Depending on your provider, they may send the number as 33143020304 or as +33143020304. Test by calling in from your mobile to your numbers, go to Reports -> CDR Reports, click Search and look at what appears in the DID field. Set up your Inbound Routes to match that pattern.

The other possibility is that the DID field of the CDR always shows the same thing, regardless of which number was called. It may show the main number, your account number or even your user name. In this case, change the Context for your trunk to
then repeat the test calls. You should now see a different value for each called number. Set your Inbound Routes to match.

If you still have trouble, describe in detail what goes wrong.

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Thanks Stewart1.

That did the trick. Actually, as you mentioned the DID reported by my provider did not include the first 0. And I could see that in the CDR.

So all my regards to you sir.

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