School Intercom Retrofit

I have read other forums and instructions about how to use the Paging Pro module for a school intercom / bell system. I have a FreePBX server in a school with an old-school failing intercom. Each classroom has a dedicated line (not CAT5) for the speaker and call button. Is there a voice gateway that would work with FreePBX and the Paging Pro module to allow me to retrofit the existing wiring and 25volt speakers? Each classroom does have a VOIP phone, however the actual intercom speaker would be louder.

Paging Pro can easily do bells. It is not intercom like an old school push button intercom. You would need something to interface.

Couldn’t I use it to setup paging groups with multicast? The current system is primarily only used for announcements and alerts. The interface hardware is what I am specifically asking about. What is available? My first choice is Valcom, but their system is proprietary and expensive.

I think there is. Valcom is one solution, but any solution that has a SIP interface should be able to do what you are looking for. There have been LOTS of discussions on here about making bells, intercoms, and announcement systems.

Having said that, though, the more pieces of that you want in the same box, the more expensive it’s going to be. You can add POTS phone interfacing for your classroom phones and intercoms, but a paging solution wired in, especially if you want it to support a lot of zones, is going to get hairy and expensive fast.

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