Sangoma VPN Manual Setup Freepbx hosted in cloud

I need to setup a VPN on my Sangoma s400 to my cloud hosted freepbx server. need to this with the manual import of the vpn files that freepbx created (I got this working with some yealink T42g phones). I cannot use the End Point Manager method as the freepbx is not local. I am running FreePBX

Why can’t you use EPM. EPM does this for you. It’s the only supported way.

The freepbx server is hosted on VPS so the EPM is not going to work for me. The s400 haso the ability to upload the VPN files so I do not understand why I cannot get the directions on how to configure the VPN files that I am downloading from my FreePBX server and manually import the VPN files to the s400. I have the VPN working on some Yealink phones and was hoping to get it to work with Sangoma phones.

Why does it hosted on a VPS stop you from using EPM. As far as uploading it’s not documented as it’s not supported. We only support Sangoma phones through EPM.

Is there some documentation for the for the EPM where the freepbx is not local? if not I will just have to go with a VPN via a router instead of directly from the phone.

The wiki for Sangoma phones lays this all out. Local or remote doesn’t matter for EPM

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