Sangoma Talk mobile app

Anyone else seeing problems with calls not ringing on the mobile app?

The app works if it’s open and it’s an internal call, but is not working if the app doesn’t have focus. If it’s an external call then it doesn’t ring the app. If you make an internal call then an external call it may ring the app.

Just took my phone off WiFi and it’s not registering the app, been 5 minutes now. Put the phone back on WiFi and it took about 15 seconds but registered.

I’m not the only user here with these problems, have started a case with support, too.

Hey, @WB3FFV did you get anywhere with your problem from 2 months ago? We have notifications set up to allow ST but unless the app is open it doesn’t ring. Happening on iPhone and Android, versions 1.0.14 and 1.012 respectively.