Sangoma Connect on iPhone issues

I have a client trying to use an iPhone with Sangoma Connect mobile, and am running into a few issues.

First, and hopefully easy is I had them load an app on one iPhone and got it authenticated and working. The issue is, if the app is not in the foreground then it stops taking calls. As I am a droid guy, what needs changed to allow the iPhone client to receive calls in the app when it’s not in the open screen in the foreground?

Second and I am thinking toughter one, is I setup another iPhone, same exact way, and had it email the client the autheitication link to connect the app with the PBX. Sadly unlike the last time, once that user on the iphone clicks on the link., it says it is authenticating and just never returns for it. I have let it run for 5 or more minutes, and it just sits at that screen.

I have tried removing and reinstalling the app, same thing. I have had the phoen restarted, same thing. Have sent the invite from in the PBX, and even in the connect app, and still it just hangs on authenticating. If I check the PBS, it shows the authenticating status as Pending. Am I missing something that I need to do, as we have about a 100 people using Sangoma connect just fine, so this has me scratching my head…

As far as inbound calls are concerned, the person needs to allow Sangoma to receive notifications in the iPhone Notification settings.

I have no troubleshooting steps for you on the connectivity side for the second iPhone other then maybe see if it’s a problem with the phone by trying to add this to a third iPhone or even an Android device and see how those devices do.

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