Sangoma Talk disabling extension automatically

It’s a pretty simple setup: 2 extensions, 2 licneses. The first one is enabled and working fine, the other when I enable it and send the invite it then tells them that they’re logged out and when I look at the module it is no longer enabled for that extension. Asterisk sees a registered device though, even though the app clearly isnt working.

We had some problems with permissions on this iphone and i’ve sent the email a number of times to a few different email addresses. Dont know if that is affecting anything.

What am I missing?

+1 for weird sangoma talk issues. Mine likes to randomly disable extensions.

Some things to try:

  • Disable sangoma talk and re-enable the service.
  • Try to DISABLE it again (even if it’s already disabled) Submit, Reload. Enable, submit, reload.
  • Check your version of the Sangoma Talk Module and Sangoma Realtime API. Update.
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I tried doing those things, and then rebooting the server for good measure yesterday, but today the second extension is no longer enabled. It seems to happen when they try to log in from the email. Is there some kind of blacklist on the sangoma server that sends the invites?

I did see an update to the sangoma connect module this morning. Now upgraded to

Sangoma Realtime API verison

So I changed the email again and logged in from a different device and different email and that worked. When I switched it back to the original email it worked. No idea what happened but it seems OK now.

I just had the same behavior, I had been using both the desktop and Android apps for months, then last night I added an iPad which seemed to work normally. This morning none of my apps were working and I found that my user as well as one other on my system had been disabled. I re-enabled it and it kept disabling itself. Eventually I managed to get the desktop app connected, then when connecting the Android app it disabled desktop again. I then re-enabled desktop and both seem to be working for now. I haven’t tried reconnecting the iPad.

Is there a security setting that disables the user when too many devices are using the extension?

Go the the Extension, Advanced, and make sure Max Contacts is set to a higher number than the number of devices that you want to exist as that extension. We normally set it to 6.

Experienced the same here… you can only have have one extension/device per license…

I logged onto my iphone test device, and about 2 minutes later my account & license was removed from the sangomaConnect Module… had to re-assign the license.

Q: Can I have multiple mobile apps configured?

A: Only one Sangoma Talk Mobile app can be configured per Sangoma (Star2star) portal user account.

@ccc-canada I think you’re misunderstanding something. You’re correct in that you can only have one mobile device per extension using Sangoma Talk but you can have a desk phone as well, or more than one desk phone or desktop client, on that same extension.

Source:me, using a Yealink T48G, Sangoma Phone, Sangoma Talk on my extension.

What can get you is what I said above, the Max Contacts. If this is set to 1 then only one device at a time can be that extension. Your mobile app and desk phone may both be registered to the PBX as Ext 1234 but only the last one to make/receive a call will be rung. Change Max Contacts to 2 or higher and then they will both be rung.

FWIW my own extension was set to maxcontacts=6 prior to installing Sangoma Talk in the first place and was still that way when I found it having disabled itself again this morning. After re-enabling the feature again it was changed to 11.

So apparently the answer is that if one has a phone and a tablet they can’t have the app on both or else it will cause unexplained behavior without any useful error messages? And the documentation of this fact is buried in a FAQ rather than listed up front?

To start this is a very silly limitation and should really be rethought, it’s reasonable to not allow a huge number of devices to prevent people from trying to scam the license system somehow but it’s also entirely normal for people to have 2-3 devices they would like to use their softphone on.

Regardless, there were also multiple opportunities for a warning to be displayed stating that multiple mobile devices are not supported and either preventing me from registering a second one without disconnecting the first or explicitly stating that by connecting the iPad I’d be disconnecting my phone. Having it instead seem to work but then entirely disable the feature on my user with no indication of why is multiple wrong turns down the road from anything reasonable.

I’ve removed it from my iPad so now I’m back to just the desktop client and my Android phone, a combination that had worked exactly as I’d expected for months, so if it stops breaking at this point I guess that was it.