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Sangoma s705 phone...a few questions...display upside down?

(Reinhard) #1

I have a few questions regarding the s705 Sangoma phone:

  1. Is it on purpose that the display is built-in upside down? If one attaches the phone-rest in the front position (=standard), the display can hardly be read.
    See image

when I turn the phone around and hold it in a similar angle…it is much, much better…

Is it on purpose? :wink:

  1. What jitter buffer values in freePBX and the Sangoma phone are recommended?

  2. When I hang up, there is no clear audio cut (=squeak). It sounds a little cheap. Any recommendations regarding the codec? I use (g722, alaw, ulaw) in Europe.

  3. The audio volume is relatively low compared to a Cisco, with the handset and handsfree. In the endpoint-manager, there is an option to increase it by 2dB or so. Are there any side-effects? Echo?

  4. Why is there a delay with certain phone apps? CPU or software?


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(Andrew Nagy) #2

Closing this thread before it gets out of hand. Please stop.

(Andrew Nagy) closed #3

(Tony Lewis) #4

Feel free to open feature request or talk with sales. If you have specific questions you can ask 1 per thread but a huge list isn’t going to get you answers and to hard for someone to follow.

As far as LCD yes it’s on purpose. All LCDs have a angle that is not very viewable and we like most other phone manufactures focused on right, left and looking down from the top since people on a desk are always looking down at the phone not up like your trying to show in the pictures.