Sangoma S505 Dial Pattern Match so users don't have to hit Send?

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I am trying to match what we do on our yealink phones. We use this dial pattern:


Works great. It matches and sends the calls. Sangoma seems they want to use a timeout. I have played with it and it doesn’t work the same. Users take too long and have to redial, etc. How can we do a similar dial pattern on the sangoma phone?


See the last post of your own thread:

Is this for a very small system with extensions in the range of 100-119? If so, then try this on the S505:
with Dial Timeout Now set to 1. (This is simplified and doesn’t include feature codes, etc., for which you will likely use open-ended patterns)

If you have extension numbers such as 121, then a timeout is required to distinguish from e.g. 12125551212. I suspect that the S500 series is not smart about timeouts.

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It’s an old thread that never got really answered. Just about local extensions. I need to be able to dial a 10 digit extension as well at extensions in the 100-199 range without send. Time out is not an option. All my customers seem to dial slow