Sangoma S500 Address Book XML

We have a few Sangoma S500 phones that have to be configured to use a non FreePBX SIP server. Everything works, and is easy to figure out, with the exception of details of what format to use for the XML address book that the phones can be set to use on the “Auto Provision” page.

I’ve searched but can’t find anything on what the phone expects this XML file to look like. Are there any details out there?

It’s not supported at this time. We decided not to do xml phone books and instead use our app system. Sorry you would be out of luck.

Hi Tony, thanks for that. Can I just suggest that the option is removed from the phone GUI then as it certainly appears to support it just going off what is on the screen.

Tony, can I create a directory list that will appear on all phones? Or does the phone’s directory listing exclusive to that phone only, and the data is stored in the phone?

My system has Cisco phones and I bought an s500 this week to evaluate and potentially roll out to all my phones.

Yes review the Phone App called Contacts which works with the contact manager in FreePBX.

Thank you Tony, when I select Contacts in Phone Apps I get; This module does not currently have any settings.

Having mapped the Contacts App to a line key the display reads 'Contact Groups is not authorized in Phone Apps module for extension nnnn. I’ve checked my settings in User Manager, I guess I’m missing something?

Oops, forgot to fwconsole restart restapps, done it remotely but will have to check phone when back in the office.

Saturday: after doing above, no change, same errors.

Monday: Works on Account2, removed and reinstated Account1, all OK now.