Sangoma phones require a weekly reboot


We have several S505 and S705 phones. It seems like every Monday when we come to the office the phones are sluggish and rebooting them is the only fix. The sluggishness creates delayed menu responses and delayed audio, creating poor call quality. power-cycling the phone always fixes the issue. Has anyone else run into this or is there a fix for it?

The phones are on firmware

Poor Audio Quality with .82 Firmware
(Communication Technologies) #2

Read there to see if any of the additional firmware notes relate to your experience.

(Malcolm Davenport) #3

Try x.0.4.78 or newer, we addressed a caching issue there that sounds like it could be what you’re seeing.


Thanks! The cache issue may be my problem. I updated all the phones to I’ll see if that does it.

(Reinhard Stindl) #5

My s705 needs a restart every week too. I tried several firmware versions, including the last one (.78). No luck! The first symptom is that you cannot connect to the web gui of the phone anymore. After some time it becomes unavailable (status freePBX server). I do not use the EPM, just the web gui configuration. So maybe I configured it not properly. Yet, a phone never should go offline!
Actually older firmware versions seem to be more stable…
Anyway, that’s one of the reasons why I mostly use Digium/Sangoma D-series phones :wink:

EDIT: You should change the title to “Sangoma S-series phones…”…the D-series phones are in a different league :wink: