Sangoma phones receiving excessive notify packets

Someone approached me because their system was have periods of intermittent poor call quality and the usage graph on the dashboard was showing phones constantly going offline.

This is an on site FreePBX 14 from distro. Using Sangoma phones (S300, S400, S500, DB20).
Everything was up to date when I logged in for the first time.

I switched them from Asterisk 13.22 to 16.3, but otherwise made no major updates.

As I stated watching things, I noticed that there are 10’s of thousands of NOTIFY packets spewing from the PBX in a 20 minute period.

The only thing I had turned off in the filter was notfify. You can see that there are only 835 messages outside of the notify.

Ext 20 is a S500

Ext 64 is a DECT DB20

EPM shows firmware 1.54 in use

Has anyone seen this before? This seems like an excessive amount of notifications and I am wondering if it is impacting the phones.

In fact, yes - there have been a half dozen posts about spurious NOTIFY packets.

I saw a thread about Polycom phones getting a lot of NOTIFY because of MWI solicited vs not.
But this seems to be Sangoma phones sending a bunch.

I have removed all the phone apps (they are not using them anyway) from the line keys and rebooted the devices. This has stopped the storm for the short term, but that could have just been the reboot of the phones.

I’ll be monitoring the system off and on for a couple days and see what else happens.

The phones arent sendong those. Those are all MWI notifies. Change the MWI Subscription to no instead of auto

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Yes they are. That’s is what I get for not checking more carefully on an unfamiliar system. is the PBX.

So now the question is why is anything being sent to 64 at all when it does not even have a voicemail box for a MWI indicator to be subscribed to in any form.

Edit: Everything is set mwi_subscription = auto and aggregate_mwi = no by default.
mwi_subscription options are auto, solicited, and unsolicited. I have now set everything to Solicited and we shall see how it goes.

OP and title updated to match.
Reference: Strange SIP NOTIFY behavior

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