Enable Subscribe for MWI on Sangoma phones

So I looked at the base file, and there is a variable for this.

<P99>__line1Mwi__</P99># Subscribe for MWI.0 - no,do not send SUBSCRIBE for Message Waiting Indication, 1 - yes,send periodical SUBBSCRIBE for ,Message Waiting indication

But all the endpoint config files have a 0 in them.

All of the extensions are set to Subscribed in the advanced tab because of the notify storm I posted about.

Obviously I can (and will) manually change this setting to 1 right now, but if there is a variable there, then that means there should be some place in the GUI to change something to make it change.

But I do not see it.

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I doubt that setting actually has an impact on the EPM as it’s for the Endpoint/AOR. Not to mention that setting is completely whacked. There is no “Auto” option for MWI Subscriptions for PJSIP. In PJSIP if you want Unsolicited MWI you add the mailboxes= setting to the Endpoint config. If you want Solicited MWI you add the mailboxes= setting to the AOR config. The FreePBX setting that offers “Auto” ends up putting the mailboxes= setting in both configs meaning the phone can send MWI subscriptions and subscribe like normal AND it’s sending unsolicited MWI notifications at the same time.

FFS, of course that setting has nothing to do with EPM. But changing that setting means that the phones need changed to know they need to subscribe.

That is what was asked here.

The answer is if it’s not in the EPM as a setting option to adjust you’ll have to edit the base config file to be what you want it to be. From what I’ve seen the ability to modify the MWI subscription or any subscription based service are not part of what can be managed in the EPM for any phone. So manual edits are the way to go.

Sangoma specifically set that value up as a variable in the basefile. Thus the intention is implied to be something that is changed from the GUI.

I would suggest a bug report and perhaps a request that it be defaulted to 1 (on) as most admin’s want the phones to subscribe and not be blasted unsolicited.

Who said it was a bug? Why make a bug report for something that might not be one?

That just uses support time for no reason.

As for your other statement, changing the default behaviour from 0 to 1 would be a feature request, not a bug report. On top of that, this setting is also not enabled by default on other brands of phones. So Sangoma’s choice, when they designed these, makes sense.

You’re right, it may not be a bug. It just may be a variable that pulls from a source you have no control over in the GUI. If that is the case, you edit the base file and overwrite the variable with your static choice. If that is not the case and there is a GUI setting that it should be pulling from, it’s a bug.

However, since this is a commercial module no one can see the inner workings to make that call. If the EPM documentation or the Wiki in whole doesn’t have this answer the only ones that will are the developers. So we either wait for a dev to answer, you open a support ticket with this question or submit a bug report. Either of those options takes away from support to answer the basic question: Where does this variable get set from?

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