Sangoma Phones - Free EPM VPN

Hi guys,

I usually buy the commercial EPM module, but on this deployment I am only using Sangoma Phones (S500).

I have the full version of System Admin and the VPN server fully set up. I don’t see the tarball file being created for the extension with VPN enabled. Also I don’t have the option under EPM - Extension Mapping to add the VPN Client extension.

FreePBX-40 running FreePBX v14.

Any thoughts on this?

Have you enabled the VPN for the user in User Management?

Yes, I did.

I created another extension/user just in case without sucess


Somebody else reported the same issue with FreePBX v14:

How can we address this issue?

I am in no position to test at the moment, but I am told this is resolved in edge EPM:

fwconsole ma --edge upgrade endpoint


Confirming that is fixed in the Edge.

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Has this been fixed? I need to get my phones working that are on VPN.

Just. Read. What. Was. Posted. Here.

I’m reading what was posted so when will the release happen? I also ran this and it hangs on Checking Settings and Defaults so it doesn’t complete the update.

Was released in edge repository. Just run that command Lorne posted, you probably have a different issue with getting the module to install.

If that command is still running, try to stop it, reload the PBX and run it again.

That seemed to do the trick I have updated two of the systems and trying to get my remote phones reconnected now… I was under the impression that PBXact systems were tested better before releases so that this stuff didn’t happen but I guess not.

Thanks for the help.

It’s impossible to have a product 10000000% clean of bugs. It happens and always will… Remember Apple’s bug that you were able to login with the root user with no password? And that happened to APPLE!!! so yeah…

I don’t know if this is the same issue or different but the above fix shows the VPN to be enabled on the phones but the phone is not getting an IP address from the server so the lines want register. VPN server shows to be running. The Ext in EPM now shows to have the port in the VPN Client field.

I would start by restarting the VPN server

I have rebooted the whole system with no help. Do you know what module the VPN resides in maybe I can roll that back?

I found the issue. I loaded the patch and it fixed the issue and after that I did some other updates and it must of reloaded EPM which broke it again. I was able to rollback EPM to an earlier version then reload the patch and the phones are up and working again.

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