EPM VPN issue: No VPN client available


I have FreePBX 14 running (version 12.7.4-1801-3.sng7) with latest updates (as of an hour ago). I enabled VPN server and created a client for my test extension.

In User Manager, I made sure theVPN client I created was assigned to the user my test extension is associated with. Just to be sure, I also set VPN to “Yes” (instead of “Inherit”, though in the “Group” setting, it is already to “Yes”).

I am using a Sangoma phone.

I went into EPM and clicked on “Edit” for my test extension but in the drop down for the “VPN Client”, my only option is “None”.

Not sure what the issue could be? I did the same setup on a client’s FreePBX 13 server and had no issue with that.

Possibly a bug in FPBX 14 Endpoint Manager?

Thanks, in advance, for your insight into this.

Seems like the same issue

Report a bug: issues.freepbx.org

Per the reply in this thread:


upgrading EPM from Edge does resolve the issue; the VPN client is available from the dropdown in EPM.

Now I have the VPN connected, and I just have to figure out how to make it register with my PBX. That’s another problem, and possibly another post; I have a few things to try first :slight_smile:

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