Sangoma Phone unregister after having a intruption on the LAN2LAN VPN connection the the server on the Data Centre

Hi All
We Are using Free PBX Asterisk Version 15.5.0 and it is on a VM on Data Centre and We are connected by LAN2LAN to the server Network and any time we have an interruption in the VPN connection all the phones un-register from the server and they will not reconnect to the server and we have to unplug all the phones and replug them to rejoin the server and register.
phones we are using are S700 and S500 Sangoma all Up 2 Dated.
All the extensions are connected on PJSIP
and I am not sure how to change the re-register time in the endpoint manager to 1 minute so the phone re-register itself if we have any problem with the power or the internet.
will appriciate your help and if any more deatils needed I will add on after if required.


Not directly an answer to your question, we used to have similar issues over VPN, so we’re mostly now registering against the WAN IP.

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