Sangoma Phone Desktop Client can't change available status or see other active calls

My issue is very similar to Joel’s here

Basically, within the Sangoma Phone desktop app, only one of the extensions (2901) I have configured is able to set their “presence” status to the default options (such as available and away) and when an active call is taking place, the app only shows indicators of call status on extension 2901.

The other users are able to use the app, make and take calls, chat, etc everything is normal. They can see the status of 2901. However, they cannot change their presence status and when they’re on an active call the app doesn’t recognize it from within their own app or on any of the others.

I’ve compared seemingly every setting in user management and in extensions, but I don’t see anything that is different between the extensions. Maybe this is a permissions issue? I’m not sure where to look.

I know it’s not the client, because when I’m signed in as 2901 on my computer everything works, and when signed in as another extension, say 2900 or 2902, the issue occurs.

Any recommendations for places to look would be appreciated. I’m stumped.

EDIT: This shows how an active call isn’t being recognized. On 2901 you can see the green vertical bar shows up, but when 2902 is on an active call, it isn’t present.

as @comtech said in the other post you referenced “The client comes with Sangoma support, so it might be worth engaging them via a ticket if you are stuck.”

I did open a ticket last night. I would like to add a bit more to this. When presence status is changed from the desktop app, even though it doesn’t display any indication of presence status within the sangoma phone desktop app, I can see on the UCP panel the correct presence status when making the change.

For example, I have UCP for x2902 open and the sangoma phone desktop app open. When I change the status to “Away” the UCP panel shows the new presence status as away. However, in the sangoma phone desktop app, there is no check mark and there is no indication anywhere within the app to show that the presence status changed.

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