Sangoma Desktop Availability Status

We are using Sangoma Phone Desktop for our users in the local Office and our users that are at other locations.

The issue we are running into is that the user outside of the office does not show if they are available or not, I checked all user account settings, all is the same. Is this a Port issue for Sangoma Phone?

Did you review the end user’s client on their desktop?

Yes we did see side by side.

In the upper right, where it says Jenille Capon - 30015, there is a presences menu there if you click it. What is selected?

She has selected Available.

Could this be PORT related since we are on the local network?

Seems unlikely.

6443 TCP Sangoma Phone client communication with PBX Can change this port inside the PBX Admin GUI → System Admin → Port Management Safe to open this up to untrusted networks as the traffic is encrypted with SSL and requires username and password authentication. Used for call signaling and API access
10000-20000 UDP Media - RTP The port can be changed by going to Settings → Asterisk SIP Settings → General SIP Settings Tab. Note: Zulu uses the same rtp port configuration as SIP. Safe to open this up to untrusted networks, as your RTP traffic can come from anywhere your Sangoma Phone users are connecting from. Used for call media

Ports used on your PBX - PBX Platforms - Documentation (

usually on our remote desktop users, when we set Avaiable, a little green avatar appears to the right. That seems to be mising?

Can you share screen shots of the configuration? Is this agent part of a different group in FreePBX?

The configuration is the same on all users, they are in the same group. Difference is they are in a different country and not on our internet connection.

It all sounds correct. We use it remotely with just the listed ports open and presence works. It feels like it might be client based. The client comes with Sangoma support, so it might be worth engaging them via a ticket if you are stuck.

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